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Welcome to The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company in San Antonio, Texas. I am the talented research paper and essay writer behind each work.

Brief Background

I hold two degrees from the Southwest Texas State University at San Marcos. Aside from a BA in Education, I also hold a BA in History with a field minor in Historical Research. After graduating from San Antonio College, I did my clinician's work there for my education degree and afterwards, I taught remedial reading at San Antonio Collage. I am a member of Heritage Foundation and a Sentinel with Heritage Action, the largest Constitutional think tank in the country, a member of American Liberty PAC, and a Working Member of Numbers USA. In 2014, I was awarded by Hillsdale College with Certificate of Completion of Constitution "101" & "201," "The President and the Constitution," The Federalist Papers," and "The Constitutionalists." I now teach Seminars on Young Leaders and Policy Makers. I have also been awarded with a Certificate of Merit and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Heritage Foundation

Identifying the Problem

As a student myself working towards my Associate's degree in the English Department, I realized something was really wrong—teachers were not teaching students how to write their assignments. In fact, I was struck by the number of students who did not know how to write an essay, not to mention an entire research paper. Teachers give you the format and the deadline and  will offer up a  manual to buy should you have any questions. 

Presenting a Solution

While the manual is useful,  it becomes of no help when students do not know what to look for. For instance, if a block quote(s) must be featured in the paper and the student does not know what that is, then it is of no use. This is where the vision began, where students had an outlet where they could either get their papers written, proofed, or taught to them.  After all, a research paper is one-third of the total grade. 

Special Mention

I welcome back last semester's students as well as my foreign ones training at Lackland Air Force Base. Let's have a good year!

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Mission Statement

I would like you to become an excellent researcher, a fine reader of historical papers, and a successful student in each of your college classes, not just those taught in the history department. Beyond that, however, I would like you to be as impartial and unbiased as possible when you examine various topics. Although I have developed a passion for history, I hope that you don't have your passion for a subject you love keep you from a dispassionate assessment. I urge you to be a seeker of truth rather than a follower of fads. I want you to think for yourselves, not think to please instructors. That should be the goal of academia itself—not to propagate arrogant viewpoints and not to replace one dogma with another equally rigid. Ideologies have no place in the classroom. Read, research, consider, and write, and enjoy learning too.